• marluce lima

Your shallow love

Men deny their own weaknesses

Seeking to convince themselves through words

But words denounce

- Affairs, delays, a body that vibrates.

I believed in your empty words!

You convinced me

Making me believe that love was that:

A constant emptiness.

You started to play with words,

Jump out of the window, hid in the dark,

To send notes with copied sentences.

Your smoothness:

A love, on a flat and shallow surface.

Other kinds of love digressed

We were foreigners in each other’s life

No room belonged to us.

I told you “I’m not in love with you”

And you kept saying “let me teach you

how to love me”

As if love could be taught.

You told me “I need you”

Convincing myself that I would be useful

My support for your fear

As if love was a necessity!

There were many kinds of love among ours

Mine only served to calm down your weeping

While yours destroyed my verses.

I've always been the kind of woman

that loves too much, and you?

You loved too many women

And in fact, couldn’t love them all.

I tell you now what I wasn’t for you at that moment:

Clearwater of a waterfall.

To compose someone like me,

a strange being

Coming from another fantasy.

This discovery,

It lingered

To understand why were you in my heart?

I’ve been told about your affairs

Your path was like this: to be like a single mattress

tied at the corner of a room

as if it is always expecting visitors.

About me,

I go around the world rescuing poems.

translation: Mar Lima & Débora Terra

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