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The art of being a Woman - workshop


It was a lovely night to be out on Friday on July and we were there, many of us going to the same place in Dublin: at Chocolate Factory. The creative building which hosts space to a cozy and relaxed room for Anahata Yoga by Leozinha Harte, ready to welcome us for this warm workshop, facilitated by Juliana Werner.
image: Glauber Venturini

Low lights and our hearts alight, the idea of being there for the same reason, the warmth of joining the movement of our peculiar bodies and connecting ourselves in the same dance. We were many women, from everywhere, from every size, every kind of hair, every sort of dream, with a single truth: being a woman. We were all there following the instincts of a time which has come to change our point of view, beginning with only one question: what does it mean to be a woman for us?

Juliana brought her dancing knowledge to that space, leading all the women there to follow her movements but finding their own way to dance. Exercises of touching and embracing their own bodies, paying attention to the others, respecting others women steps and feeling the music within themselves and letting this flow. It seemed simple how the connection was happening and how softly they were becoming as part of the same body, and kindly influenced by Ellen’s voice.

What if the change we search in a new world is in letting us be leaded by another woman’s voice, is about being influenced by another strong woman, without forgetting who we really are? Without forgetting to love ourselves first, being confident enough to let others step in our inner world and make it better together?

The idea of this workshop through dance was to bring the question and each one would find their own answers – together.

What about you, have you asked your truth, what does it mean to being a Woman Human?

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