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the silence


The letters step,

leaving a slightly opened door.

Nature and semantic

Where do the words come from?

From each curve of the throat,

from blank spaces hide in the holes.

From an inanimate life close to death?

There is so much to be said.

The poetry,

the verses,

Of flexible bones.

The lightness of bare feet –

On which I land and

On which I plant roots.



Stretches and Shoots

Bringing the gaps into line,

Drilling beneath the layers,

I bow to the music.

I used to obey the melody that I was told.


I jump,

I crawl,

I let my hair fall,

I feel

The wind

that I create,

And the mixture of ecstasies that I awake.

I flow,

I run.

All my expressions,

That I exhale

regardless of what you think.

I just unleash

and drift in my essence,

Breaking through borders,

Bringing the emotions from my own performance

to the world’s choreography.



I Dance for everything,

I Dance to everything,

I dance.


There is a lot to say.

The words start at the nape of the neck.

Other words spin around the shoulders,

And behind the ears,

They spin,

They spin.

Freed from my cage,

a bird with broken wings,

ready to return

and to vent all the fury of a sacred soul.

I tug the senses,

separate the clouds,

stretch my muscles with gratitude

for an art given.

I used to hide in the crowd of fears.

The world:

Is an unpredictable hurricane,

Throws the words against the wall,

Takes steps and measures out of order,

Divides stories that dance on the same dance floor

and stains the movement of my faith.

I have words beating in my heart.

bleeding believes,

beating the relief,

and it beats,

and it beats.


My body speaks

And I have to say it.

I had words about to

Die –

Trapped in the sentences of my mouth.

Listen to my body speaking.

When art shout,

From in

to out.

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