• marluce lima

next station

São Paulo, Brazil

A ticket: 4 reais, a classical background song, a lady with an open wound on her leg comes, leaning one hand on her walking stick when the other hand begs for 1 real to buy her medicine, I give her 2 reais, she asks if I want the change, I refuse, she smiles and gives me her blessing "God bless you, daughter". I get off, next station: Paulista. A young man walks in, takes some little bags from his socks, places them on the passengers' lap and recites something. Some people buy, some sleep, others do not take their eyes off the social media, I leave the bag on the seat and go to the door, I go down at the Luz station. I change the train, a little girl in the lap of her grandmother eats a snack, she looks at her sticky fingers and licks the yellow substance pleased by the taste of it, she perceives me looking at her and offers me: "you want?" and I refuse as I was educated to do, but I would have accepted had my stomach spoken. On the next station a male voice resounds in the loudspeakers "Passengers, it is forbidden to sell products on trains and subway facilities, we ask that you not encourage the practice", then two girls enter wearing Carnival costume, it was early February, one of them sings and the other plays pandeiro, they finish the presentation and reach the instrument, some put coins in it. Next station: São Judas. A young man walks in, hands us a note written something like "I need help," but I had already given all my coins to that old lady. My station is here. It rains outside. I wait. We all wait.

This text is taking part in a beautiful project on Poetry Day in Ireland, (May, 2) organized by @LabeLLitHear. The poet Maria McManus and sound artist Una Lee bring to Ireland voices of poets of the world and still spread notes with our verses and signatures, as a poetic memory for passersby.

Come to hear my poem about how frenzy is the Subway of São Paulo- Brazil (Portuguese and English version) and many other poets around the globe, and follow Poetry M'app


Also check the website of the project: https://labellit.wordpress.com/


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