• marluce lima

Mother's tears

|poem published on FLARE 11 - Sunflower Sessions - April/2019, Dublin -

She got fever

and cried all day long

The kids got scared.

They didn’t like to cry and

maybe the grown-ups also didn’t

—but they needed to.

Am I helping to flood the river of sadness?

Am I helping to sink us together?

Has she lost the curiosity of life?

Has she learned how to speak?

Does she have a dream, or only wishes and secrets?

What is her dream if she still has one?

If she doesn’t,

shall I give her one of mine?

If I could take on all her pain,

I would.

She taught me to hold in my tears but now I can’t.

How have things came to this point?

What is happening to us?

Everything was always fine.

What about now?

Maybe I am just a stone.

Maybe I’ve just left home?

" FLARE is a quarterly publication dedicated exclusively to poets and poems heard at The Sunflower Sessions. Readings happen from 7.30pm on the last Wednesday of every month (January–November) at the top of The Lord Edward at Christchurch in Dublin. "

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