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I am the sea

Updated: May 20

Translation: Holly O'Reilly

i am the sea...

i am not blue, nor green

i think i am an orange sea

like the sea, i am infinite

i can fit as many drops of water

as particles of waves.

sometimes i am fierce, sometimes placid

calm in the deepest depths and

abyss of shallow questions

a mess when i meet the rocks,

i heave, i scatter

my water heats

and cools when a body stays.

i am the sea at the horizon, of which

no-one knows how much is left

or if it meets the sky there

and merges

and ends

and if it will


or return.

i do not know if there is rain

if it must come

and if it comes,

if caused by my weighing

our own eyelashes

of sweats abandoned

by the indifference of time.

there are many lives in my depths

i have dangerous species in my ocean

i am much more than i myself can deny

i am afraid of myself

i am afraid of drowning on the surface

afraid of not returning from the bottom.

does the sea also seek

balance between the break of one wave and the next?

does it exists for us, seas?

and if they spill oil in me and i suffer in the melancholy

of a pristine sea touching the shores

that hide oysters in the dark

and their secret pearls.

i am like a sea with no direction,

yet convinced the path painted by the blue map exists.

i am like the singing sea

that calms.

i am like the white foam that is formed.

i am a transitory sea

intermittent drops that join and diverge over seasons.

could the same drop of water touch the shore again some day?

how long would it take to reach all the coasts?

might they have already kissed so many mountain's feet?

i am shelter for the algae

energy source of the goddess

food for some divine beings

rest for wings

bath for the spirit

sanctuary for the world.

being sea, i am simple

being ocean, i am complex

susceptible to the wind

i get married and tire of time.

i am like the sea, for the the sun: mirror.

i am like a tide that rises

and knocks down the child's sandcastle on the beach

and drenches the sarong of the sunbathing girl.

i am like the wave that tricks

and pulls down by the legs

and invades my nostrils.

i am like the false grain of sand that sinks when it feels soles.

i am like a drop of rain

that settles into the sea and stays

until it dissolves

until it's gone.

i am like the seagull that rests

in the sea and goes home

i am like the crab that nibbles on a body fluctuating on the massive sand

and returns



i am like puddles of water cocooned in shells

that dry

that become dust in the water

that become sea

when i nestle into ears.

what i become,

when i am not writing.

i am the sea that peels rocks

polishes stones

carries beautiful shells to the shore.

sometimes i am salty, sometimes sour

i am the sea that heals wounds

open in living flesh

and that burns

and burns

in the sea.

i am the sea that belongs to no-one

that does not ask for a passport when entering other islands.

i am the sea that salts lips

and cushions the evil before it is committed.

i am the sea that purifies the soul

every time i dirty myself with grey dust

i am the sea of bronchi when i smell the low tide.

i am a sea that is curious about the

other side of rocks

i am a labyrinth for the pirates,

an arm for other ships

to reach other peninsulas.

i am an impenetrable sea when frozen

and when a capsule, one that warms.

i am a sea of flung bottles

and the poetry that comes inside them,


i am the sea that quenches the thirst of the daytime sunbeam

in the twilight of the revolt

the night heals itself in the moon’s repose.

june fourth — pier

Malin Head 2017

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