• marluce lima

farewell letter

I hate to cry in front of you…
(this makes me so human)

This is a farewell letter.

This is to say good bye.

I couldn’t make it better, you know…

I am very bad with words.

(It is the words that are good to me)

This is a good bye. This is not a see you soon.

I’m not a liar. I am not good with lies.

So, this is a letter to say that I am leaving.

Someday, sometime, soon… I will be leaving.

I avoid those kinds of farewells parties, dinners and toasties…

You know, I am lazy to organize this kind of stuff.

I am better living. I am better staying. I am better closer

to you.

I couldn’t come to say bye, as I can come to say hello.

Actually, I am not a welcoming person.

I barely manage to know myself each day.

I already left lives, as if I have died.

I didn’t mind to say bye.

I don’t mean not to say.

There was no need.

There isn’t…

Another way.

Most important was to leave…and


I left homes, I left jobs, I left words behind.

I left so many times.

This letter wouldn’t be the first nor the last.

I am writing this, because I am better writing

Than speaking than crying.

I hate to cry in front of you…

(this makes me so human)

That’s why I am writing, because you cannot see my face,

You cannot see my place,

the ink of the pen flooding trough this space

I am in.

You cannot see even this blank page

Because, I couldn’t lie… this is not a letter.

(I barely started).

These are my tears

These are my feelings

These are not words.

These is a bye

For how long I don’t know.

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