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Culture Night - Dublin 2018

September, a mild and temperate month that brought thousands to the streets of Dublin to catch some fresh art.

In its thirteenth year, Culture Night took place on Friday 21st. The national cultural event hosted about 400,000 people from across the island. People were encouraged to visit museums, galleries, cultural venues, libraries and public centers.

The Culture Night promotes and celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. It is a night to see, touch, hear and taste art, science, theater, dance, music, literature, poetry and many other free entertainment and activities. This night is a great reason for people to experience and create a sense of community or belonging. It also allows people to get into the habit of supporting and visiting local cultural venues more often.

Among hundreds of events, our choice was in the direction of the city center, crossing the river, heading to the north side. In a usually busy area I could see that it even busier that evening. The trains passing in front of us, dropping off people, with their expectations and plans represented with each door opening. Then, just in front of the Abbey Luas Station it was our point of contact, outside an old black door.

So we got there and went up the narrow stairs, decorated with colorful balloons. After a few deep breaths we got to the third floor. Juliana Menezes, the Portuguese language teacher and founder of the center was there waiting for us and all the visitors with a warm cafezinho and hugs.

All the crowds and constant noise of the train was left behind as part of the background scene. Inside the windows the atmosphere of the Center was as cosy and comfortable as home. The vinyl playing some Brazilian Bossa Nova promised a pleasant Lusophone evening.

It was an event to discover and remember the taste of Brazil and Portugal, to hear the differences and similarities of the same language and ways of speaking. This included an exhibition of Angola and many other Portuguese-speaking countries, cultural and curious information. This was also an event for chatting in Portuguese-English and using its phonetics and sounds.

Families, teachers, students and potential students experienced and enjoyed the readings. We all read, we all listened to performance of Chris Campos and poetry of Rafael Mendes, Juliana and Lia. Fernando and Clarice were also there, embodied in all of us. The lovely voice of Kamilla brought Raul Seixas back to life, followed by some more presentations, poetry and much more poetry.

This was a wonderful opportunity to the Italics Poetry Project present bilingual videos made specially for this cultural night.

You can watch the videos in our playlist “Bilingual Videos” here.

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